The right equipment makes it much easier and nicer to start a touring hobby, including some basic tools and convenience products. You need a couple of special tools with different scales and master gauges that regular toolboxes don’t have. In this article, we’ll have a look at what the toolbox of a touring beginner should contain.

Good basic tools

The touring cars contain a couple of screws that need to be screwed and unscrewed more than other screws. This is why it’s important that the tips of the tools are precise and of high quality. Using high quality tips, the screws will remain in a good condition longer. The basic operations with cars with carbon fiber chasses include the straightening of the chassis and checking the tightness of screws, which are particularly difficult tasks to do with tools that are not suitable for the job, and they also wear down the tops of the screws more.

The most important Allen wrenches are:

The 1.5 mm wrench fits most of the set screws (stabilizers, driveshaft). The 2.0 mm wrench is the most common one, because the screws of the chassis are this size. The 3.0 mm wrench is commonly used for screws in the shock absorbers.

The most common socket wrenches are:

The 7.0 socket wrench is used for the fastening of the tires and the 5.5 mm wrench is suitable for the tops of M3 nuts that you can find at the base of the ball in a ball links.

The toolbox should also contain a good pair of pointed pliers. With the pliers, it is easy to place a nut in a place that is difficult to reach or hold the object still while tightening something, which makes them an extremely useful tool.

Basic tools needed for the tuning of the car

These Basic every day tools are enough up until the day when you start your racing career. The most common adjustments done to a touring car are ride height, droop, toe-in and camber. With the help of these basic gauges and measuring tools you can adjust the car so it works logically.

Basic gauges and measuring tools:

Symmetrical suspension setup in a touring car is important. To adjust the suspension, you need measuring tools and accurate gauges for ride height and droop. When you utilize measuring tools to adjust symmetry in the turnbuckles on both sides of the car, the car turns both ways in the same manner. These adjustments make your car handle logically. Your driving skills develop faster when all factors contributing to the overall performance are taken care of.

Useful equipment

The items on this list are good to have at the pit table. Once your driving skills have developed enough, you’ll have more time for tuning and maintenance. Using the following equipment for the maintenance and tuning of your car makes the job more enjoyable.

The setup board provides an even surface that you can use to do the adjustments that require accuracy.

The screw tray is for spare screws when changing parts for the car.

The car stand is a simple stand that lifts up the car making it easier to add tire additive for example.

The pit lamps are a compact solution to bring more light to the pit table which makes it easier to see little markings and screws.

The Pit Mat to protect your pit table

These basic equipment and tools are a great help in the maintenance of the car during track days for every touring beginner.

Good luck with training!

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