Threadlocker is used when you want to make sure screws stay tight. With RC cars threadlocker is used in the parts of the car that are subject to vibration and spinning. Most commonly threadlocker is used on off-road RC cars where the components are subject to vibration and greater impact forces than touring cars and it is only used on metal surfaces, never on plastic.

Usually threadlocker is liquid so it is important to keep it away from surfaces where it can hinder the movements of moving parts. Typically, it is used on the motor mounts that are mounted at the bottom of the car and when mounting the steering blocks to C-hubs.

Threadlocker is available in several different types in terms of strength, but in an RC hobby the medium strength threadlocker (the blue one) is strong enough for all purposes. Generally, all RC equipment manufacturers sell the blue compound.

Here are the different types of threadlocker:

Low strength: purple

  • screws can be loosened
  • torque to continue turning: 10-18 Nm (M10)

Medium strength: blue

  • connection can be opened and locked again
  • torque to continue turning ca. 21 Nm (M10)
  • most common in RC vehicles

Strong: green

  • suitable for objects that are not meant to be opened again
  • torque in continue turning over 25 Nm (M10)

High temperature: red

  • suitable for surfaces with high temperatures
  • connection is difficult open
  • torque in continue turning over 23 Nm (M10)

Using threadlocker is easy. Depending on the case, you apply the liquid on the thread of the screw (clean the thread first from oil etc.) or nut, depending on its location. Half a drop is enough on the thread of the screw and then it can be screwed as tightly as needed. Threadlocker dries within a couple of minutes.

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