You are looking for a battery pack for your electric-powered Traxxas vehicle?

Then this easy guide is for you.


Most Traxxas vehicles already include a suitable NiMH or LiPo battery pack, depending on the kit's specifications, but there are also some kits, such as the  X-Maxx, the XO-1 and some others, that need to be equipped with the correct batteries. Traxxas offers a nice feature on their website that shows suitale packs for each kit but if you wish to use aftermarket packs here is a short guide on what to take care off.


Depending on the scale the kits use different size battery packs. For example the 1/18th scale LaTrax uses a small NiMH attery with the battery tray dimensions being 102x35x18mm while the huge 1/8th scale X-Maxx sports a 197x51.5x4mm battery compartment.

When clicking on the "Batteries" button you find on the respective poduct pages, you will be routed to Traxxas' own battery range. Most of them mention battery pack dimensions and with these measurement you can go and choose your new "non-Traxxas" battery pack.


EuroRC made things easy for you as we not only mention Traxxas own spare and option parts in our web shop but all suitable components and brands. When searching our site for parts click on the "RC Car Parts" button in the left hand side menu, choose your respective kit (i.e. "Traxxas 1:16" or "Traxxas Slash") and when scrolling through the page you will find all suitable battery packs for the respective chassis.

As long as they appear on the product page, you can be assured that the packs come pre-soldered with the correct TRX-compatible power connector.


Another way to find your new battery is to use the "Batteries" button on the left hand side and ou then find the "Traxxas Batteries" category that lists all Traxxas-compatible packs, although they may not always come pre-wired with TRX-style connectors. If you choose to run a non-TRX connector pack, we offer an economically-priced TRX-Deans adapter that allows to run battery packs with the Deans-style connectors (also known as T-type plug).

When picking a pack from our Traxxas Batteries segment, make sure to cross check the dimensions of your car's battery compartment and the pack's dimensions. Make sure that none of the battery's dimensions exceed the battery track dimensions. For example if the compartment measures 140x50x45mm a 133x43x42mm pack will fit with no problem but a 145x43x42mm pack will be too long.

When choosing your new battery pack you also need to check the battery chemistry and voltage. All current Traxxas models are Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) compatible but older spec cars may only be run with Nickel-Metal-Hybride (NiMH) batteries. To find out which battery type fits your kit again cross check using the "Specifications" or "Specs" section of your kit on or check with the manual supplied with your kit. Depending on the speed controller used your kit may be NiMH and LiPo compatible with batteries of 7.2V up to 11.1V which equals 6-cell to 7-cell NiMH or 2S to 3S LiPo battery packs.

Make sure to never use 7-cell NiMH or 3S LiPo battery packs in case a speed controller is only 6-cell or 2S LiPo compatible as otherwise you very likely ruin both the electric motor and the speed controller – not to mention that your precious battery pack can also go BOOM in the progress.

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