It’s the good old question. Why are RTR’s with brushed systems still being sold even though brushless systems are superior in every aspect? Big companies such as Traxxas and Kyosho have brushed options for all models, but also brushless versions.

Reason number 1: Cost

Consumers are stingy and have a set budget. They are also very bad at comparing products and don’t necessarily understand the difference between different goods. Both brushed and brushless systems go forward and backwards and the speed promised on packages is almost the same. So why pay extra for something as weird as brushless?

Companies are simply responding to what the consumers want to buy.

Luckily, brushed systems are an ok product and are also dirt cheap. There’s only one big concern: most of the brushed systems are not that long-lasting. It’s fine as long as you are only just getting into the hobby and are not sure if this is your thing. Of course, you will end up updating your esc and motor to a brushless version once your brushed version is at the end of it’s road. A Hobbywing combo is a good choice as its very long-lived and hard to break by abusing it.

In the long run you will spend more if you at first pay for the cheap brushed version and then end up buying proper electronics. It’s still a good choice if you are trying out the hobby, but not so great on your wallet.

Reason number 2: Upgraded feeling

Many people buy products that require lot’s of upgrades in form of hop-up and new electronics. Their hobby is all about making the upgrades and getting the good feeling from that. For them, a brushed system is the perfect one. These people can first cruise around with the brushed system and once it breaks they are able to upgrade it, get more power and the sensational feeling that comes with the upgrade.

People who want to upgrade their cars are not concerned about the cost. They just want to have a car that they can upgrade slowly but surely and bling it up with all the products for the car they manage to find. In the end, they will want to have the best upgrade for every possible part of the car and even do some modifications by themselves.

Reason Number 3: Old hobbyists

Many of those over 30-year-olds are returning to their childhood hobby. These reverts are used to brushed systems and can even feel that brushless systems are something new and scary. They mostly buy the cars for their sons who are 5-7 years old, so a brushed setup is good enough. And of course, they know it can be upgraded later.

Reason Number 4: Fun factor

The fun factor in most cars is the same whether you are driving brushed or brushless system. Usually brushless systems go a little faster but when starting out slower speeds are usually more enjoyable, until you learn to control the car better.


In the end it doesn’t matter if you buy a brushed or brushless system. The benefits gained are just different. You should, however, make sure you read about the car on forums and try to get as much first hand information and experience about the system before the purchase. A good quality esc and motor combo is always better than a low quality one, no matter if it’s brushed or brushless.

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