We work with many clubs and the co-operation is really good for both parties. The club is more professional and can offer its members a fixed discount. But also get support for races trough prize support.

Usually we are approached by a club member who is really happy with our service, he has already told about our shop to many of his friends and there is a clear need for co-operation. Usually at this point we negotiate the details with a official from the club and the whole club can then get a discount.

Sometimes we are approached by club officials directly and we can negotiate the deal easy and fast.

If your club is interested in sponsorship please contact us at info@eurorc.com and tell us more about your club. We like to make co-operation with all sizes and types of clubs. Any country we ship to is eligble.

50+ Racers Sponsored with RPRP 2mm hex keys at the start of the 2014 Short Course series in Finland. Image credit: multifoto.fi

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