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Traxxas Revo Rear Bulkhead (L + R halves)

Traxxas Revo Rear Bulkhead (L + R halves)

18,29 €
In stock
Traxxas Driveshaft Rebuild Kit For Two Axles

Traxxas Driveshaft Rebuild Kit For Two Axles

8,39 €
In stock
Traxxas Adjustable Wheelbase Suspension Arm Set - Revo

Traxxas Adjustable Wheelbase Suspension Arm Set - Revo

19,49 €
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Traxxas Axle Carriers L+R For 6x13mm Bearings

Traxxas Axle Carriers L+R For 6x13mm Bearings

12,19 €
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Traxxas Decal sheet, racing sponsors

Traxxas Decal sheet, racing sponsors

3,69 €
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Traxxas Glow Plug Super-duty Medium (1)

Traxxas Glow Plug Super-duty Medium (1)

11,59 €
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Traxxas Differential Carrier

Traxxas Differential Carrier

5,19 €
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Traxxas 12x18x4 Ball Bearing (2)

Traxxas 12x18x4 Ball Bearing (2)

9,89 €
In stock

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We also accept returns after 14 days upto 50days, but we refund them with a giftcard to our shop so you can replace them with any products we sell. Please contact our customer service for details.

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Damaged Shipment

In the rare occurrence that the shipment has been damaged, please take pictures and send those to our customer service [email protected] immediately and we will make sure we get you sorted and back to enjoying our hobby. Also notify the courier bringing you the shipment that it has been damaged.

Defective parts and Warranty Issues

If you feel that your product is defective please send us a email and we will let you know what to do next. Most items do not have a warranty as they will break in normal usage. For example if you hit something solid or take a larger tumble. Properly used items should easily last 3-12 months and during this period we are able to replace broken items if they have a manufacturing or material fault. We have years of experience with different makes and they all have different warranty policies. We have chosen to work with brands that have a good understanding how to serve their customers and you can be assured that you will get the best customer experience possible with us.

We do not replace or exchange products that are not defective or broken by improper use or have not been maintained. But we do help and teach you how to do things properly so you do not break anything in the future, just email us and we will help you out. We are however unable to wrench for you, its part of the hobby so its important that you will learn that part also your self, we have great tools to sell you so just ask us what you need.
Note! Many manufacturers are strickt that electronics are not allowed  to be modified (connectors changed etc.) without disabling the warranty. Remember to check this from your products manual.

Don’t worry you are safe with us! Most of our customers feel that they get excellent service in the rare occurrence that they encounter a problem with the product they have bought.

And remember if you run in to a problem or you feel that there is a problem with arrived products do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and we do our best to sort it out as soon as possible.

What happens if EuroRC made a error in the shipment?

We ship a lot of orders each day and rarely there are errors. We do however try to minimize the effect on the customer. Please contact us immediately if we have made an error and we will make it right.

Address for returns

Always contact us before returning any product, we can not take responsibility for shipments that are sent without prior notice. Its very important that we can tell you how to mark the parcel so it will be processed in a timely fashion.

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