Our new, young talent Konsta Saarinen has sweeped the floor in Finnish Indoor offroad series "winter jumps".

Konsta TQ'ed and won both classes in the season final placed in Helsinki Model Expo in front of thousand viewers and was crowned as champion in both classes in the long, 6 race series.

Here's Konsta's story short from the last race in Helsinki:

"The last race of the series was held in the Model Expo and coming there, I had the chance to win both championships.

In the Friday Practice, both cars worked really well and it was obious that only thing in the way getting the championship were my own hands.

In the Saturday 2wd class race I won the first two rounds of qualifying but in the third I made few stupid mistakes and let Jamiel Gabrielsson take the win. In the last round I got back to the top and took the second TQ spot for the season. I was really confident going to the mains and took an easy win from the first final with 10 second margin. The second final was as good as the first one, which meant I had won the race and the 2wd series!

4wd class was driven in sunday and I was eager to get as good results as I did the day before. After Practice round, third spot was a bit of disappointment, but I knew the speed was there, just needed a clean 5 minutes.  I had a break down in first qualify and made some changes for the second round and managed to win that one. In 4wd we only drove 3 qualifying rounds, and only the best result was counted. Markku Honkanen was second before the last Qualifying and I managed to beat him in the third also, giving me the TQ spot for the 4WD mains too. This time there were 4 finals to drive and the best 2 were counted.  In the finals I managed to win the first one with a big cap, but the second one almost went to Markku due to my nervous mistakes in the first laps, but I managed to get my nerves in order and eventually won the second final too. At this point I was more relaxed, having already 2 wins under my belt before the last two finals. In the third one I also made a mistake in the first lap letting people pass mefrom right and left, but again, managed to climb back to the first spot, winning the final and race.. and the whole series!

My XB2c'17 and XB4'17 equipped with Hobbywing V10 Motors and XR10 ESC's  with Highest servos, worked like a dream through the season and Xray had a good line-up of top drivers and good team spirit in all races and that helped me a lot! I would like to thank EuroRC for support and will continue to racing the summer series and aim for the podiums!"

We rewarded Konsta's first big win with Brand New Xray XB8e car so he can challenge the top in M8e class this summer too!

2WD top 10 overall results:

1. Konsta Saarinen – Xray
2. Touko Silpola – Schumacher
3. Jarno Siltanen – Schumacher
4. Joona Haatanen – Team Associated
5. Markku Honkanen – Team Durango
6. Joel Valander – Xray
7. Pekko Iivonen – Schumacher
8. Lauri Ruotsalainen – Team Durango
9. Jamiel Gabrielsson – Team Associated
10.Eeli Vieno – Xray

4WD top 10 overall results:
1. Konsta Saarinen – Xray
2. Pekko Iivonen – Schumacher
3. Markku Honkanen – Team Durango
4. Lauri Ruotsalainen – Team Durango
5. Jarno Siltanen – Schumacher
6. Joel Valander – Xray
7. Toni Niinivirta – Xray
8. Eeli Vieno – Xray
9. Jamiel Gabrielsson – Team Associated
10.Touko Silpola – Schumacher


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